Week 14- Artist Interview-Maryann Gonzalez

In Maryann Gonzalez works,  it is a creation of multiple vantage point to construct contemporary baroque space. She used combination of invented and composite structures to set up the space in the art gallery show for the viewer to enter and contemplate their role in the space. Initially, she start out with drawn studies on her paper, and then to creating color. She also used structures  that she encounter and juxtapose them with other thing around in others communities. She like to listen to radio and hear about all the thing that happening around the world to help her on drawing. It also make her feel helpless of all the thing happening around the world, but she cant do anything about it. I wanted to be a role player in these situation but it seem nearly impossible to stop something from happening.

For me personally, I would never think that someone would create an artwork that are very detailed and colorful. In my senior year of high school, I took art as a requirement, and I remembered using color and water color to make my drawing more detailed and dark color to reveal it prettiness. On the other hand, my drawing was not detailed like her because I used symbol and flower to create something that are pretty and express beauty through flower.



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