Week 15- Artist Interview- Samuel Castillo

In Samuel Castillo works, he stated originally born in Yuma, Arizona. When he was two years old, he moved to Los Angeles, California. As he grown up he often sketching and taking summer class that related to drawing whenever he like to. some of the artistic of cultural myths, urban legend, art books, and cartoons gave him inspirations to help him create a beautiful art piece. His favorite things to draw are plants, animals, monster, and demons.

For me personally, I would never think that someone would create an artwork that are very beautiful that involves animal and demon. He even drew a machine that had a brain flowing inside that machine. In my senior year of high school, I took art as a requirement, and I remembered drawing an anime character into a demon with red eyes and using a dark color to express the devil behind it. To make my drawing more detailed and dark color reveal it prettiness, I often asked my teacher to help and guide me to finish my drawing. On the other hand, my drawing was not detailed like Samuel because I used anime character and somehow it look normal.



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