Week 13- Friend Interview- Kyle Wadsworth

Another week of school passed, only couple of week left for me to push myself harder in order to have a good grade and hope to get an A in this class as well passing my other classes. I now had confidence to talk to other classmates in this class as well as other classes. This class give me a confidence boost that I needed. I was late for class and everyone already had his or her friend to interview. I was walking around and look at the art in the art gallery show and kyle came up to me and ask if I want to do an interview with him. Kyle wants to major in computer science because he just always done ti and enjoy programming. As a sophomore in CSULB, He works for math robotic and teaches kids how to build a robot. After school, Kyle tends to chill with his gaming club or programing and compose music. He really likes to play and some of the game he played are board game called project destroyer. As the interview ended, I forgot to take a picture with kyle and I tried to find him. Unfortunately, I didn’t see him anywhere.

After talking to Kyle, I had found several similarity and different. I do like to play video games and sometimes I played board game when relatives gathered.  Although I don’t have a job right now but my goal is to focus on academic and getting a job during a summer. I think that getting to know about the robotic stuff and teaching it to the kid is really an amazing thing. This is favorite classes throughout my freshman years and I hope I would find another class that helps me release stress and have fun with other classmates.


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