Week 13- Artist Interview-Shishori Nakayama

A couple of week until semester end, I was enjoyable for every week that I attended Art Gallery show. This week show is about an amazing artist who came from Japan. She used the art to reveal her life and most of the drawing were very detailed and clean. Nakayama stated that each of the artwork showing here at the art gallery show are what really important to her, as well as the memories throughout her life. Also, some of her work contained terry bear to show her childhood experience when she was a little kid.

For me personally, I would never think that someone would create an artwork that are very detailed from beginning to end. In my senior year of high school, I took art as a requirement, and I remembered that I had done something similar to her drawing. It was not as hard as Nakayama drawing because I got a decent grade. On the other hand, my drawing was not detailed like her because I used small symbol and patterns to create something that are very meaning full to me. Many little detailed is all about me when I grew up, as well as being a young adult.



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