Week 12-Meet new Friend-Jairo Ubeda

Another week of school passed, It the last 1/3 of this course where I will need to push myself harder in order to have a good grade and hope to get an A in this class. I now had confidence to talk to other classmates in this class as well as other classes. This class give me a confidence boost that I needed. On Thursday, I arrived at the Art Gallery after walking 15 min from my parking lot. I was looking around to find a new friend that I can talk to since I arrived early to class. I found Jairo  sitting on a rock and listen to music near the West Gatov room. I walked up to him and introduced myself. I asked if I can sit next to him and we can get comfortable with each other. Jaro wants to become a Communicator. This is his third year in CSULB. He changed his major throughout his process of school because he didn’t like as much and math was one of the factors so he chose to pursue a major in Communication. He worked full time as well as attending school full time so there are not a lot of free time for him enjoy. I love to listen to much, and love to rap. He like Art110 class because it a pretty cool class, easy, and it also a chance to have fun and enjoy while we can. He had 4 siblings. On the weekend, he usually does his homework since he didn’t have time to do it daily.

After talking to Jairo, I had found several similarity and different. I do like to listen to music whenever I bored or I can’t sleep at night. Although I don’t have a job right now but my goal is to focus on academic and getting a job during a summer. I also think that Art 110 class is a pretty cool and easy class, but some people took advantage of it. This is favorite classes throughout my freshman years and I hope I would find another class that helps me release stress and have fun with other classmates.



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