Week 12 : Artist Interview- Piet Eppinga

In Piet Eppinga work, he used the people as his main idea to create his sculptural through people emotional and psychological downs. He used the warm color of fired clay to express people facial expression that we associated with happiness, sadness, joy and anger, is what pushes him to throughout the process of doing ceramic. In his childhood years, He enjoyed playing with clay at the farm where a truck full with white sand was delivered to his family to help them with farming. The clay fascinated him and he used it to make animals and humans figure. The clay was significant to him during his childhood because it represent a connection with his ancient ancestor. This is one of the reasons why he was into ceramic and create many female figures. Throughout years, Eppinga ceramics skill were developed that could be influenced by years of playing with clay and growing up in a countryside of Dutch. His work is a classical piece of art and maintaining the earthiness. The beauty and perfection to create something is what he want to reach  and he won’t stop until he finished something. The will of nothing giving up helps him create so many beautiful sculptures for student to enjoy.

For me personally, I would never think that someone would use follow their dream like Eppinga. Growing up in a farm where flay was one of the reasons why he loved that place he lived so much and to create something that beautiful in my eye is amazing. Although my childhood was somewhat different from Eppinga, But I hope I fill find a connection through my future career without regretting what I want to do. I have a little interested in ceramic, but I didn’t get a chance to take a class during my years at high school. Although I don’t understand most of the sculpture is about but it is significant to Eppinga since he grew up in a multicultural.

IMG_20150416_110956 IMG_20150416_111000 IMG_20150416_111006


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