Week 12-Activity-Paper Boat


1) Use any type of paper for this process(prefer printer paper)

2)Fold the paper in half(hot dog style)

3)Fold both sides of the paper in half ( hot dog style) and make sure it outward.

4)Fold four edges of the paper (not the loose rectangle) into a 4 small triangle.

5) Make sure for each size there are two triangles and one long rectangle.

6)Use the edge of the triangle and rectangle and fold it one more time ( use step 4 procedure)

7)Fold the bottom make sure it at the same height as the loose rectangle for both sides.

8) Try to flip from the inside of the loose rectangle to create a boat.


Now, your boat should turn out like the picture is shown above and there you have it a paper boat. This Boat can be placed in the water without sinking. It is an easy way to make a boat out of paper. I learned this from Elementary School back in my country. Hope you guys enjoy!


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