Week 11- Meet New Friend-Mukesh Sehdev

Another week of school passed, I could say that I know more than ten people in Art 110. I now had confidence to talk to other classmates in this class as well as other classes. On Thursday, I arrived at the Art Gallery show with several friends I known in Art classes as well as my previous classes. We spread out and find our new friend. I found Mukesh  sitting on a rock near the West Gatov room. I walked up to him and introduced myself. I asked if I can sit next to him and we can get comfortable with each other. Mukesh wants to become a Computer Science. He like Art classes because everything around him is related to art. He is turning 21 and he is a junior in CSULB. On the other hand, he disliked the fact that he is 21 because he felt old and everything is legally for him now. He is waiting for his frist Last Vegas trips this weekend since he is 21. He usually plays video games, homework, and studies after school. He finds PC is better then console because PC performance and quality are way better than consoles like Xbox and ps4. He likes to eat fish and chicken for every meal of the day. He dislikes eating meat because he is allergic to meat. Sometimes, He likes to play basketball with his friend.

After talking to Mukesh, I had found several in common with Mukesh. I do like to play video games after finishing with my homework and study for midterms. Although I’m only 18 years old, I think this is the age perfect for every teen to grow because if can change your future of how you wanna be without having to worry about everything in life. When you turn 21, you are considered independence adult, which I find really hard to do anything I like without getting into trouble.  11153495_353277011531966_45165494_o


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