Week11- Sculpture Activity-Plaster Casting

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In this week activity, my friends and I went to Seal Beach on Friday to do your activities. I bought plaster at Home Depot and head straight to the beach. When we arrived at the beach, I started to dig a hole with my hand because we forgot to bring our shovel. I tried both my hand and leg into the hole and asked my friend to cover it. It was really hard to get my hand and my feet out of the sand because I was scared that the sand will fall down. Luckily, I found a way to get my hand and feet out. We poured the mixed plaster with water into the hole and waited 25-30 minute. We sat down and talk with each other throughout the process and time passed by really fast. We started to dig the hole out slowly and carefully not to destroy the sculpture. Unfortunate, the hand sculpture was different than what I expected, but the foot come out great.

After this activity, I was amazed because we can use plaster and sand to create an amazing caster of our feet or hand. I really like how this activity turn out because I was able to bond with my friend as well as creating something that I would never do it on my own. I am looking forward for more activity in the future and continue to learn about art.


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