Week 11- Artist Interview-Patricia E. Rangel

In Patricia Rangel work, through her interested of how crops are planted, watered, picked, burned, and replanted throughout the season are stages of agriculture practices and connect them to her work using the processing of rebuilding.  Rangel stated that Metal and dirt are resistant material and both are easy to work with. She used dirt as a material to present it vulnerability, failure, and strength to promote growth and change throughout period of time. Although I was confused of how using the dirt can be a way to create new form like crops that being replanted after a whole cycle. On the other hand, Rangel used the composed of dirt to to rebuilt into a new form. Additionally, she also used wood as well as other metal material to make the rebuilding of dirt more interesting as fascinated for viewer to see. Rangel collected materials from they that are significant to her and  used it to make a connection for her art. She mixed, reconstituting, and re-contextualizing the dirt that she collected in her grandfather’s ranch, her parent backyards, and Smith Mountain Cemetery in the San Joaquin Valley.

For me personally, I would never though that someone would used dirt  create something beautiful that I would never imagine it turn out to be an amazing works. Many people including myself who really hate dirt and always want to get rid of them as soon as possible because it created a bad environment to lived in as well as harmful to person health. In last week activity, I learned about plastic that can turn into and amazing art, and now creating from dirt is even more fascinating to look. Unlike Rangel, I would have never though of using dirt to create arts. After this week activity, I found myself confused and unclear about making dirt into an art that people can enjoy instead of getting rid of them due to their cons that effect people around it.

IMG_20150409_111658 (1) IMG_20150409_111703


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