Week 10-Artist Interview- Dawn Ertl

In Dawn Ertl works, She used many plastic that people forgotten and thrown them away after finish what they do with them to create a piece of wonderful art for student like us have a chance to considered plastic bag is also a piece of art that we should make it last and forever disposable. As the project continued , the Artist learn way to makes plastic into small pieces so it reveal to others that they put more care and effort not only for themselves but for all the student who attended the art gallery show. Additionally, it is also very important to know about the architecture of a building because it might ruin the it due to a small space, student had to put their backpack on the ground so we don’t accidentally ruin it. In her works named, “Short term, Long Term relationship” Dawn explains to us that it demonstrates how climate change  practices relationship on people and how environment effect them. It is a lesson that we should think long term as the affect of the thins we do in life could changed or be changed for the world even if it better or worst. In addition, Ertl also talk about how she like to listen to music in the process of making these works for student. In her undergraduate years, she also made a giant sheet from a plastic bags she found in her house. This is her final project in CUSLB and she is earning a degree in MFA.

For me personally, I would never though that someone would used plastic bags, a cheap material to create something beautiful that I would never imagine it turn out to be an amazing works. Unlike Ertl, I would have never though of using plastic bags to create arts. After listen to her talks, I had opened myself to the world and think more clearly and carefully of thing that people would forgotten can be used as a beautiful material for art. From now on I will appreciate the plastic bag for carrying trash that people wasted and for it beautiful color that can turn into an amazing project. image2


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