Week 10-Free Choice- Activity

IMG_20150329_121211 (1)

After the Remodel CSULB School, I asked myself ” why not make a model about my house”. I drew a picture of my future house.  My goal was to build my own house in the future for my family to live. I wanted two story house where the first floor is a living room as well as the dining room. I want my house to have a hanging Ti-vi. In the second Floor, I drew 2 bedroom, bathroom, and restroom. One bed room for I and my future wife and the other is for my future kid or kids. I think my house is somewhat normal because it similar to what I am living now, but it is something I want to do for myself instead of living a house that the owner already built for renter.

I think my experience turn out pretty awesome, I didn’t know what I wanted to do for this activity so I just used our last activity for idea to make my own house. It would be a amazing if I can build my own house in the future with the money I work to make one. This work is important to me because it might be my future house where my family could be able to live in instead of renting a house and having to deal with money and budges our spending. I want my family be able to lived in our own house without having to worry and afraid of being homeless. Additionally, I want this house to be the last house for me to live in or the rest of my life. Throughout 18 years, I had been changing from house to house in Vietnam as well as America because of our family issue, we did not buy our own house.


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