Week 9- Meet New Friend-Pablo

Another week passed, I had make a lot of friends in Art 110 class. I think I had gain confident to talk to classmates. On Thursday, I arrived at the Art Gallery Show early since I had 15 minute to walk to class. I was surprised that people come really early. I found Pablo sitting next to the Werby Gallery room by himself looking through his folder . I walked up to him and introduced myself. Pablo and I found a perfect place where we can talk with each other without any interruption. Pablo want to become an Mechanical Engineering and he wants to be like his parents. Both of his parents are an engineering who work at Seal Beach. Pablo is a freshman and he is in process of becoming active in his Fraternity. After school, Pablo tend to studying for his calculus and physic courses and something he plays video games  whenever he free from homework. He doesn’t have a job right now but he might getting one in the summer. One of the interesting thing about Pablo is he was a track star but he got injured his junior year, so he decided to quit to help him focus in classes. Pablo like Art class ever since he took this class because it a component of art and walking around to meet new friends. For Spring break, He plans to study some to help him improve his grades.

After talking to Pablo, I had found several in common with Hunter. I do like to play video game after finishing study. Although my parent did not graduate high school, but I still appreciate what they had done for me. I plan to pay them back much more then what had done for me. I think Pablo also has the same motivation, but Pablo has more expectation because they are both engineering and they want Pablo to become an engineering like them.



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