Week 9- Artist Interview- Ralph Acosta

Ralph Acosta was influenced by many memory quotes to set out and rediscover his childhood in the Wilshire District of Los Angeles.  Most of his childhood were spent there during the 1960s and 1970s. It was an era was hard for most of the family including Acosta’s family. Acosta chose to make a short film about the hotel that he recalls in his childhood. The setting and the tone of the film was romantic and based on their short memory, images, recent film, and footage from long time ago. In addition, He have created a super-sized postcards of the many residences where he used to lived In Wilshire. According to Acosta, the size of the postcards represents the issues of his family was facing during this period were too big for a child to handle. On the flip side, The Wilshire District is the only place that really seemed like home to Acosta then any other place. Although the Ambassador in his period are gone, but driving by those streets forced him to recall his childhood in the shadow of the hotel.


For me personally, I would never though that someone had a horrible childhood like Acosta has to faced during the era where Ambassador is everywhere. Unlike Acosta, I don’t experience a bad childhood, but I can recall some of the hardship that I had to face during my childhood. For example, I remembered I had to walk to school about 2 mile because my family has no transportation. When my mom found a way to improved my family issue, I didn’t have to walk to school everyday. I was glad that I came to the Art Gallery show and be able to find many amazing creations that artists put all their time and effort doing something that they love and enjoying it every moments and their childhood into their creation to share their bad childhood. Although I am not good at art and creating amazing art work, but I can tell that’s really a personals for artist to do.


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