Week 9- Activity-Architecture & Urban Planing



The reason why I chose the LA 5 building is because of it the home to many students who attended math class everyday, and it also a home for many great math major like my Math teachers. I goes to LA 5 almost everyday of my entire semester as well as the Spring semester. I spent most of my time in this building weather to learn about math or improving my grade by attended resource lab for extra help,  The LA 5 building has a large amount of rooms for student who chose to study in a small class instead of 200-300 people in one class because teacher wont get to you when you needed help. This also a place where I often goes to the Restroom more than any where in the campus because it clean and people treasure it like their own restroom. The LA 5 building has almost everything you need for you to get help whenever you needed. Plus on top of that, it also have a clean for students to sit and wait for their class. Besides the building, as you walks out the building there are several venting machine as well as the bookstore near LA 5 Building, so it is really easy to buy food when ever you hungry or get a Scranton when ever you forget to buy for the exam.

I am so sorry because I couldn’t find the history and it background of the LA 5 building. I spent 15 minute search on the web but nothing pop up. Instead I’ll write about my experience studying in an LA 5 class. I recalls that taking the stair is like 30 minute of workout and exercise because as I goes to the third floor my legs start to feel pain. The room is somewhat small for most of the student, and the chair were really uncomfortable. On the flip side, Teacher teaches with great passion and care for student like me who struggle in math.


For this assignment of what I would like to change about the campus is the for sure the parking situation. First all of all, walking to class is really far from where most of the student part. They choose the time that fit their schedule to avoid being late, but arrived at CSULB with no parking lots is the worst feeling ever. Student paid to park but most of them couldn’t find anyplace near their classroom and they have to walk around 10 min just to get to class. For example, I park at the parking lot 14 where I had to walked 15 hour just to get to class at the LA building  . Therefore, for my new CSULB campus model, I designed a campus in which is structured around a multi-levels building structures that are surrounded by departments. This parking lot structure is bigger than the one we have now at CSULB and it is the best place for anyone to get their class . My plan is to get everyone in this school has their parking available at anytime of the day because the parking is not free for students, I paid to be able to park so student should be benefit from it.


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