Week 8- Meet New Friend- Hunter

Another week has gone by so fast, I have make at least seven to eight friends in this class . I think I had shy away from being alone to enjoyed talking to other people which I find it very excited and I smiled through most of the interview. On Thursday, I arrived at the Art Gallery Show early, I found Hunter standing by himself near the Art Gallery room fixing his camera to take picture of the show which I found it really fascinated . I walked up to him and introduced myself. Hunter and I found a perfect place where we can talk with each other without any interceptions and noises. Hunter want to become an Criminal Justice Major and major in minor if he can’t make it. He as a lot of interested in art and he also explains his props to the Artist who paint with passions and effort in their painting and ark work . Hunter like to take picture when ever he go somewhere, he would bring his camera with him.  He also like to play video game after finishing his homework as well as preparing for the next morning classes. Hunter can eat any food as well as seafood except scrimps. Alex is currently a freshman at CSULB. He had been craving for a camera for a long time and his wish was granted on Christmas. He also excited to get to see different art and different spectrum of Art through this big program in school.

After talking to Hunter, I had found several in common with Hunter. I do found Art interesting after taking Art 110 and I want to learn more about the Visual Art. Additionally, I didn’t have a chance to take a picture wherever I go with my own camera. On the flip side, I still have my phone but it run out battery really fast so i tend not to use it much doing the trip with friends and family. I found out that Hunter like to play League of Legend, a popular game that trending around the world. I really like to play that game when ever I’m done with my homework, On the weekend, I jogged around a park near my house for several hours and playing basketball or spending time to hangout with friend from high school.



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