Week 8- Interview Artist-Nolan Reiter

Nolan Reiter spent the last 5 years in College  experiences has shaped him to view different perspective of the world we lived in. Reiter is a BFA Printmaking as his major to be specific, but he still need to pursuit his major from Degree of Art. He had been drawn to the hand-crafted, and process oriented, and constantly battle with his media in an effort to overcome it and make it into a beautiful piece of printmaking as we see today. His BFA solo degree shows includes a series of silk screened arts poster, and showcasing his exploration  of the world around him and the community that he had lived in. Thank to the school,  He had an opportunity to research and explore the cracks and crevices of his community around the world. Through his extensive research, conversations help with various individually of the cultures and communities across the world as well as his own backyard.  Reiter have created a series of vibrantly colored silkscreen art posters in his own back yard. In addition, silkscreens poster as one of the most well-known process of printmaking in recent years.

For me personally, I would never though that someone could do something so amazingly like Reiter did. Unlike Ritter, I don’t experience to printmaking because I tend to prink picture for my printer instead of applying it in a silkscreen and try to appeal it prettiness.I don’t think I can spend time working on an amazing BFA printmaking because I am a very impatient person since I always rush through things and it is really different for me to work with silkscreen and material and combine them with our own knowledge to make it come to life for people like me to view it was an amazing experiences. I was glad that I came to the Art Gallery show and be able to find many amazing creations that artists put all their time and effort doing something that they love and enjoying it every moments. Although I am not good at art and creating amazing art work, but I can tell that’s really a fun things to do and using silkscreens and material to make something that related to a cultural of a country and well as the community that we are surrounded.  I’m looking forward to seeing more in the near future.



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