Week7-Meet New Friends- Alex

Another week has gone by so fast, I have make at least six to seven friends in this class. I found it really amazing because I am really shy and doesn’t talk to people. On Thursday, I arrived at the Art Gallery Show early, I found Alex sitting by himself on the rock near the Art Gallery room. I walked up to him and introduced myself. Alex and I found a perfect place where we can talk with each other without any interceptions and noises. Alex want to become an Engineering on Computer Science. He as a lot of interested in art and ha also explains his props to the professor who teach with passions which many tend not to do so. Alex like to play volleyball and he played two to three times in his club team. He also like to play video game after finishing his homework as well as preparing for the next morning classes. I found it is really abnormal for a person to eat the same food everyday. Alex ate cereal in the morning, bagel in the afternoon, and pizza  at night. Alex is currently a sophomore at CSULB. He had been doing computer sciences related stuff for a long time. He also excited to get to see different art and different spectrum of Art through this big program in school.

After talking to Alex, I had found several in common with Matt. I do found Art interesting after taking Art 110 and I want to learn more about the Visual Art. Additionally, I didn’t have a chance to work with many computer related things like Alex did through out his life and it is also a reason why he want to major in this field. I found out that Alex and I tend to play sport when every we are free and tress out in school, On the weekend, I jogged around a park near my house for several hours and playing basketball. I disagree with Alex that  sometime the school itself are not interesting. For me, I never find it bore to attend this school.



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