Week 7-Landscapes with a Corpse- myself


In this week activity, I have to take a photo of myself when I pretend my departure from this world. Although it just and activity but it somehow make me think that is this the way I will die?. The feeling was scary and horrible as I look at the sealing and slowly start to close my eyes. In this scene I was pretended to drink poison. Although I am doing a bad job of of pretending to die, but it help me understand that no one would want to die laying on the ground and thinking that they are going to pass away is just a horrible feeling.

My though on creating this scenes is somewhat fun and interesting because I have a chance to pretend myself departure from this world and I have a chance to see what I look like after dead. When people passed away, they didn’t get a chance to see their dead look, but thank to this activity I was able to feel and see my departure. Additionally, I found it is really interesting because not many would want to take a pictures of the death body. As I watch some criminal Ti vi show, I have seen many different dead scene where the investigator drew a line around the body instead of taking a clear picture of how it really look like. Through this activity, I found myself in love with art because of all the amazing activity where I can jump out my comfort zone to do something that student normally don’t.


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