Week6-Yarn Bombing-Fiber of T-shirt

In week 6 activity, I found it is easy and hard at the same time because I didn’t have the yarn material so I used my old shirt to do the activity and it is really hard to cut through the t-shirt due to the none sharpness of my scissor. Initially, I found it is really boring because I have to sat down and cut my T-shirt but when I tied it to the free I was surprised that it turn out so beautiful. Although I don’t have any yarn in my house I was able to find fibers and applied them to free which make my tree a bit colorful. Personally, I did not do the Graffiti Writing but I think that Yarn Bombing and Graffiti Writing are somewhat similar by applying in wall and free as well as creating an art for the people and make free and dirty wall more beautiful.

Through my experience with Yarn Bombing, It could be argue that Paint bombing is masculine  On the other hand, when Graffiti Painting finished, Artist have to apply paint in order to erase and apply more paint for the next project to hide away the original piece but it help many people especially kids refreshing painting instead of looking at the same old painting all the time. Most Artist are men since many of the painting are really aggressive due to the color and the way they express their painting through the effect and style of writing. There are somewhat feminine about bombing with yarn because women are more interested in making yarn into art and applied them through frees chair and more. Women are really careful with their work, it might take a long period of time to finished but they leave no error in their work. For I think that Art and Fiber ” Craft” are somewhat similar because it express artist emotion through color that they choose and anything that we create is art. For me, our cultural value both gender because We lived in a freedom country and we share equal right so we both value arts the same.



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