Week6-Meeting New Friend-Matt

As another week past by, I found myself more and more comfortable talking to new people. I met Matt on Thursday at the Art Gallery show. I introduced myself to Matt. I asked Matt many question about his life. Matt want to major in History and it his third years in CSULB. Matt found Art interesting because He does a lot of sketching and the reason he take Art class is to learn more about Art. On the daily basis, Match like to spend time watching movie, reading through his history book and going through the gym. He love to eat everything without complaining the taste except for cheese because Matt think it is unhealthy to eat cheese and it is somewhat gross. Matt himself really love the school since he attended CSULB for three years and never find this school boring. Matt is excited for Art Gallery every week since different week are different painting by different amazing artists. Matt love watching science friction movie because he found it is really interested to see the different from the reality world and it might be our future. If Matt can travel anywhere he want, he would go to England because he want to compare and contrast between two culture. After finishing school, Matt plan to get a master degree and even a doctor degree if he have time.

After talking to Matt, I had found several in common with Matt. I do found Art interesting after taking Art 110 and I want to learn more about the Visual Art. Additionally, I rather refer watching action movie than science friction movie, but both do have action in them. Although I don’t like going to gym, but sometime on the weekend, I jogged around a park near my house for several hours and playing basketball. I do agree with Matt that the school itself are really interested and I never find it bore to attend this school. Different from Matt, If I can travel anywhere I would like to do to Florida because I want to compare two different weather and why people want to lived in California and Florida more than other state. Matt went to Florida once time, He told me that it is really beautiful and he cant wait for me to experience it.



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