Week6- Artist Interview-Alanna Marcelletti

In Alanna Marcelletti work, it follow a non-linear experiences of of warped wood and her womanhood through painting, material, and sculpture. Alanna also stated that the formal components that creates an abstract space that she combines elements of domestic architecture, and theatricality in which characters are permitted to act out of their inner fears and desires associated with the home, work, and motherhood. She also embrace the positive and negative of the outside world influences upon individual psyche and the societal pressures such as gender roles and delicate  the biological in pursing her career goal. When she united and combined architectural rubble and found objects by fusing it to make to make the it come to life.  In her ” “The Assumption of 3903”, she used Acrylic, collage, plastic, metal, nylon, chalk pastel, and pencil on canvas and organza to create this amazing art. It took a long time to sketch the arts and then finding the material to put them together so it match with the sketches and the material has to be specific in order for it to become beautiful in people eye and expressing the color in a unique way.

For me personally, I would never though that someone could do something so amazingly like Alanna did. Unlike Alanna, I don’t have the create mind to make them using and other material to create such amazing and colorful piece of work .I don’t think I can spend time working on an amazing piece of art because I am a very impatient person since I always rush through things and it is really different for me to sketch out thing and then finding the material to make it come to life. I was glad that I came to the Art Gallery show and be able to find many amazing work that artists put all their time and effort doing something that they love and enjoying it every moments. Although I am not good at art and creating amazing art work, but I can tell that’s really a fun things to do and using other material than color and paint itself to make it more colorful and beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing more in the near future.

IMG_20150226_111748 IMG_20150226_112336


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