Week 5- Meet New Friend-Ben Lee

Another week of Amazing Art110, I found Ben sitting on the rock near the art Gallery show. Because I was arrived late, I saw many people already have their partner. As I walk around the Art Gallery asking people and introduced myself to them, But everyone had already spoken to their partner of the week and refuse to do it with me. Luckily, I found Ben, who listen to his music and waiting for someone to talk to and that person was me. When I introduced myself to Ben, I asked many question regarding his daily life. Ben want to become an Engineering in Computer. Ben is not interested in Art and He explains to me that I took Art110 as a requirement but I personally think that Ben is somewhat changing his mind because I walked with him throughout the gallery show, I found that Ben stop and look through many painting for several time.  Unlike me, Ben was a sophomore in Cal state Long Beach, He explains to me that the school itself is pretty good and the student and professor are awesome and nice to each other. Although Ben is not really excited for the Art Gallery because we go to it every Thursday, but I think he will change his though when he walk through the door and see many amazing painting by many talented artist.

For me, I think I do have some connection with Ben, Although I’m not good at drawing but I was able to learn the concept of visual Art and having to see many different painting for free it the best thing ever in this school. Ben and I usually play game to release our stress in school. I found that Ben was playing the same online game as me.  I was every excited and happy to have a friend who had in common interested and I was able to talk to him comfortably without having to hide my shyness when approaching new friends.



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