Week 5-Kick starter- Games-Video Response




In the first video, The Ghost Buster board game. It caught my attention in the first 5 second of the video. Growing up watching the Ghost Buster, I found that the video is really interested by turning a movie into a board game that everyone can enjoy and relived that childhood. For me, I would donate and enlist myself on their team like many other people who in loved with The Ghost Buster series and board game. It is a combination of two amazing thing into one spectacular object. The creator itself making a it like a trailer of a next and the best board game will come out soon. Looking through the donation, I think that many would agree since they donated more than half of a million dollars. The creator added some part of the series into their idea to catch other attention and even showing them what in the board game. In order to win, players work together and team up rather than having 1 winner in every board game that make it unique than other. On the other hand, in the second video about a card game, I found it is really boring and it not fun because it somewhat similar to scrabble game instead they want people to use math to win the game. It is not everyone based game and not even are good with math which make this game uninterested. I would not pledge to this project for two reasons, the creator of the project did not explain specifically what the project is about and already going through the game. It also leave the people who watched the video like I do a sense of confusing how the game work.


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