Week 5-Artist Interview-Brianna Allen

As I entered the Art Gallery show, I found many different sculpture but I don’t know what to call them. As I go around and looking at the sheet of paper hanging near the door I found out it was a “Word Hardened” program where exploration of metal arts is a group exhibition that display Jewelry and sculptural metalwork. I found many of them really interested so I walk up to Brianna Allen with a group of people and start asking her questions about her art. She explains to us in a manner which kept our attention through out the interview. In her first semester she work with profaning the tank water of the eye lines. Also she was able to the similar thing  to her Check Boards in her first semester Which I found it is really awesome and it changed my though that Check board doesn’t have to be black and white as always. Allen also spoke to us her trip to Germany which was an awesome experience. She also us other artworks as inspiration that she absorb in her memories to connect their idea and her ideas to make them unique. She also talk about her metal sculpture that she cooperate other materials thing out of metal.

For me personally, I would never though that someone could do something so amazingly like Allen did. Unlike Allen, I tend to buy a check Boards games instead of using metal to create them.I don’t think I can spend time working on an amazing Board Games like Allen did through other material because I don’t have a creative mind and I am a very impatient person since I always rush through things.. I was glad that I came to the Art Gallery show and be able to find many amazing sculpture that artists put all their time and effort doing something that they love and enjoying it every moments. Although I am not good at art and creating sculpture, but I can tell that’s really a fun things to do and using other material than color and paint itself to make it more colorful and beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing more sculpture in the near future.

IMG_20150219_112354 IMG_20150219_112630


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