Week 4- Artist Interview-Rachel Gehrke

As I entered the Art Gallery show on Thursday, I found many interested painting but I do not know what to choose from. As I walk around and look at the painting more clearly and spending time acknowledging the greatness of the artist as well as the painting. I can’t recall the painting name but I know it was from Rachel Gehrke. After looking at the painting, I can tell that Rachel spent a lot of time working on her painting. As a viewer, I was glad that I could see her amazing work by just looking at the detail of the painting and the colors she chose. As the period almost end, I and my friend were lucky to meet Rachel Because she had an exam to do. I asked her a few question about her work. She chose  intense color for the ocean and the life breathing in the crevices. She also explain that the pattern found in her painting is somewhat related to the inner of a rock . She also want to explore the endless cosmos and many hidden secret and mysterious vasts underwater. She also attempt to put many piece together with her intangible experiences.

For me personally, I would never though that someone could do something so amazingly like Rachel did. Unlike Rachel, I am a very impatient person, I don’t think I can spend time working on an amazing painting. I was glad that I came to the Art Gallery show and be able to find many amazing art that artists put all their time and effort doing something that they love and enjoying it every moments. Although I am not good at art, but I can tell that Art is really a fun subject and activity to do. I’m looking forward to seeing more painting in the near future as long as I still in Art 110 class. It is really fun experience and I never regret of taking this class or even dropping it.



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