Week 4- Meet New Friend-Hoc Nguyen

On the day of The Art gallery show, I met Hoc Nguyen sitting by himself near the Art supplies store. I came up to him and introduced myself. I was able to ask him many question that I can relate to him in many different way. Hoc want to major in Marine Biology and want to leave college with that major but he also consider to change his major to Art because he is interested in exploring different aspect of Art. After finishing all his classes, he tend to do art: painting,sketching and build model kits when he done with his homework. The most important thing that Hoc talks about when I interviewed him that caught my full attention is building Gun dam models and entering the World Tournament as a contestant and the hope to win a prize. He love to eat food came from different country like egg role, pizza, sushi. I also asked him about our activity “The Mina Show”. He think that it is a good way to put himself out there doing something that he won’t do and stepping out of his comfort zone.  He also excited for to see the Art Gallery because it is a good way to relax and looking through many artist’s painting and refreshing his eyes after a long hard class.

For me, I think I do have some connection with Hoc, this class help me relax,having fun, and still learning new stuff as well as enjoying the Art Gallery show without having to pay to get in and out freely and even meeting the artist was a fun experience. I also think that building the Gundam is a good way to express his feeling and determine to win the tournament which is really hard as I can imaging.  Although I am not interested in model toy but after listen to Hoc I think I should buy one and try building it myself.I also love “The Mina Show” Activity, for the first time I stepped out my comfort zone and doing think that I would never do and slowly overcoming my fear by taking picture and show it to other people and through this class i gained my confidence.



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