Week-4-Activity-My “Mina Show”

In this week activity, I found it is really interested to do the “Mina Show”. It is a combination of Performing Art and Flash mob. In the first picture, I was trying to let my little sister pull the wagon as I sit on hit. It is really uncomfortable to so it since I’m 18 year old and I would never imaging to ride the wagon and letting someone pull me. The feeling of childishness but I have to do it for the camera since I’m the main character of my show. In the second picture, it show that I’m sitting on the wall that separated my house and my neighbor house, It is really scary because I am afraid of height and I broke my arm when I was a little. A sense of scared climbing on the wall which I actually did but sitting on it for 5 second give me goosebumps. I also film a video about myself sliding down the handle bar of the stair. Although my body is really big, I was afraid of doing it because of the motion going down as I look down. I did not go all the way down because I was afraid I might fall because there is nothing to hold on to as I go down. I don’t normally do thing like this because I was afraid of getting myself injured again as well as making me feel embarrassing riding a kid toy. For me personally, I don’t think I can compare to other Performing Artist because the thing I do does not involving in serious of acting. On the other hand, I was able to endured myself going through it as I sat on the wall and raise my hand without holding the wall for stable and safety. I think these pictures as well as the video make me feel like I gained a little courage by taking a little step to overcome my fear as well as showing to other people that fear can be achieve but it take time to overcome them.

Link to my video: http://youtu.be/HK7IkoSAP1o



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