Wk 3-Meeting New Friend-Khoa Do

As I came up to a classmate sitting next to the art gallery, I introduced myself to him, His name is Khoa Do and I can call him KD which also stand for Kevin Durant a Professional Basketball Player that he liked. I asked him many question and he responded in a manner way. Khoa took Art110 this year because he was stressed out last semester due to the workload but this semester was different for him he was able to have fun and relax because of arts. He also feel that he should learn more about the cultural of art and how art can make a person happy. I also asked about the new USU renew model whether he like it or not. For him personally, he think is more like an outside environment combine with more reliable room, space. Although Khoa does not want to major in Art, But he still want to learn more about it so he can talk to other about art and why they should take this class if they want to have fun while learning. He loved the Instagram Activity, It show the memory of what their life is about how their day turn out started with morning picture where he had to drive to school on a foggy day. He also mentioned that Art110 class help him make more friends.

For me, I think I do have some connection with Khoa, this class help me relate,having fun, and still learning new stuff. I also think that the new USU new model look really good and it can help a lot of us enjoy the new look and more reliable thing like space chair and more fun activity while relaxing and ready for next class. Although I don’t want to be an Art major right now, but it could be a possibility in the future where I could change my mind. I also love the Instagram Activity, for the first time I did not feel embarrassing for taking picture and show it to other people but through this class i gained my confidence.



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