Wk 3-Artist Interview-Josh Benz

As week three started, I can’t wait to so see the Art Gallery Show, the only day where I just relax and look through many amazing painting by many amazing artist. As I walked into the Werby Gallery, I saw many interesting painting but there are only two that caught my full attention. The smoke monster and the painting by Josh Benz where he sat next to his girlfriend. I came up to him on the desk and a large group of people were there to ask him question about his and other artists painting. I was able to find a good spot where I can stand and listen to him talk.Artist Josh Benz is 27 year old, he started painting in community college and it a long process. It also where he started experience with color oil painting by taking class overuse work. He also starts with portrait block out windows so no light source or at night. Benz want to put put in outfit animals to make them come to life like we human who wore cloth to avoid our body showing to other. Benz never thought would be doing art wanted animation but through painting draws Peter army drawing figurative focus on realism add his own reflection. Ian ( deer) things are not necessarily going together.

I was able to start painting in my art class in high school, where I drew a picture and then use water color to paint it a long and hard process due to the color can widely spread and ruin the painting. That when I know that I am not good at art so I start to approach a different direction, But looking through Benz painting I felt something is trying to grab me and doesn’t let me go. As I stand there looking at the painting, I felt a sense of loneliness because I does not have a soul mate where I can share my life story to  but Benz was different, he has a person that he loved and was able to paint next to him.



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