Wk 2: Artist Interview: Werby Gallery

As I entered the Art Gallery show, there is one painting that caught my attention. The painting contained two different setting and it was separated. I though to myself that the painter must be trying to delivery something the the viewer about something personal about their life because the characters in the painting was sitting in different environment. As I look at the color and detail, it seems it has not yet finish but it was perfectly craft. I went up outside and ask Chase Walcoot for the meaning behind the painting. He explained everything to me, that it is the mom and dad of the artist and it is personal about the past experiment. Apparently, they are not in a full piece because they were separated for a personal reason. Additionally, he also explained to us the step and a lot if time as an artist to make painting perfect. I can evolve through effort and learning. He also encourage us to major in Art.

After the interview ended, I were able to understand more about the meaning of the painting by looking at the settings, colors, and the detail. Although, a lot of the painting is in a new model, it also give us a sense of evolved in art itself. I personally really not interested in art, but for the first time after look through the painting and taking the Art 110, it changed. There also a painting about graffiti that Chase personally like the most because it is really personal to the artist in a way that when you look at the painting you can’t see it.



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