Wk2 – Classmate Interview- Khoi Nguyen

On the day of visiting the Art Gallery, I met Khoi standing next to one of the Art Gallery. I walked up to him and introduced myself. In order to me to know more about Khoi, I asked him many question.  Khoi like to play game, listen to music, and play sport. He is really interested in Art because it help him relax and he feel happy when ever he draw something. Khoi does not like imperfection or unfinished work because it really important even if it a error or a wrong small details. One of the reasons why he attend Cal state Long Beach is the reputation of the school and it feel somewhat special to him. Although Khoi is shy talking to stranger like me but we get to know each other by taking it slowly and not to rush it. Portrait is what Khoi like to draw the most because he really good at drawing and he even took AP Art so he can master the skill in drawing portrait. One of the thing that caught my attention when I asked him about the video “Bomb It” is that art can be express in anywhere and anything can be draw on around the world even in the dark and dirty tunnel there is still drawing placed on the wall.

I had found several common interest of Khoi and I share. Although I not good at drawing, I was able to learn art that I have never learn it before through Art 110 and from Khoi. For me personally, I think video games is part of Art because it took really to developed the characters, environment, and the effect which make game and art are so similar. I think Khoi would think the same as me. I was amazed after watching the video because the setting was in many different places in the World where art can be expressed in many different way whether is graffiti or paint.



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